Application Note for using XPL Rail 4M – 48500 as a Virtual COM Port

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Our XPL Rail 4M – 48500 devices are not only communicating perfectly among themselves, but are also well-suited when you need to link your PC to your remote RS-485 devices. In this scenario you only need a software bridge between your application and your XPL Rail device, a so called Virtual COM Port.

This Virtual COM Port appears to your serial application as an usual local COM port, however, data and/or control information is tunneled through your LAN and powerline network to the XPL Rail device. Thus there is no need to install long RS-485 cables through your building and no need to buy RS-485 adapters for your PC.

As I2SE’s XPL Rail devices have built-in support for the RFC2217 internet/industrial protocol standard, the devices work out-of-the-box together with virtual COM port drivers of various vendors.

Today, I2SE released Application Note 5, that describes the installation and configuration of such a setup in detail. It covers both, Windows platform and point you to selected software components when using a Linux platform.

Check it out now and share your experience with us.