Cloud Services for the Internet of Things

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The demand for cloud solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) is getting bigger and bigger. Everyone wants to control it’s lights (and many other things) via mobile App from remote locations. There are easy solutions to it that almost all fancy “cloud” companies use.

One easy solution is that your APP connects to a “cloud” server, that is hard-coded within the App and the hardware as well. Both ends connect to the cloud server, which stores all the data for you.

The bad thing about such a solution is that you have no control over the data. This does include privacy or even security issues if you imagine that the access to you house is granted via cloud services. But in the last days one other problem became obvious with the closure of revolv: when the company closes down – who is running the servers? Of cause – in most cases – the answer will be: nobody. You will have a bricked device that is useless from the day the servers are turned off.

I2SEs approach

To avoid such a situation with I2SE products our cloud interfaces are open – you can read the documentation and implement your own “cloud server” for I2SE devices. On the other hand our devices are configurable to which server they connect. This allows you to decide if you want to use your own server or the infrastructure provided by I2SE. The privacy of your data is another important factor. The connection to our “cloud” servers can be disabled, which gives you the decision to not use them. Furthermore you exactly know what data we use since we document our cloud API for full transparency.