Evaluation Tools

In conjunction with our products, we provide development tools to give an easy entry point into the world of Powerline communication.

Your advantages of using these development tools are:

  • easy verification of the suitability of the components
  • fast examination of system properties when using multiple stations
  • rapid evaluation in field tests
  • direct start of the software development without previous development of your own hardware prototypes
  • usage in functional samples
Powerline Communication Bundle for Internet of Things based on HomePlug Green PHY® Technology

PLC Bundle for IoT

Evaluation Board for HomePlug Green PHY® based Powerline Communication

PLC Stamp micro EVB

Electric Vehicle charging Development Kit

EVAcharge SE Dev. Kit

Evaluation Kit for PLC Stamp 1200 Micro

PLC Stamp 1200 Micro EVK

Powerline Evaluation Kit based on the famous Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Powerline Evaluation Kit