dLan® GreenPHY eval board II

Evaluation Board for dLan® Green PHY Module – a product of devolo AG

This Evaluation Board is designed for the dLAN® Green PHY Module.
It provides PLC to a mains-line or to twisted pair connectors and gives the access to many of the available interfaces like Ethernet, USB, RS232 and more functionality on several PinHeaders. The Evaluation Board provides two mikroBUS® slots for use with all the IO-modules available as CLICK® boards designed by MikroElektronika.

The default functionality of the board is bridging from PLC to Ethernet. For all other kinds of applications and driving other interfaces or expansion slots specific firmware has to be adapted by means of the dLAN® Green PHY SDK.


Powerline Controller Qualcomm QCA7000
Power Supply 5 V via micro USB
Connection to Mains or twisted pair On dLAN® Green PHY eval board II
Data Rate over Powerline 10 Mbit/s max.
Reach 300 m max.
Expansion slots for mikroBUS modules 2