XPL Rail 4M – IO600

Powerline DIN rail device with 6 I/O channels

The XPL Rail family of powerline devices bundles latest HomePlug Green PHY® powerline technology with reasonable CPU power by still having a minimal energy footprint. Thus it is possible to perform extensive control and automation functions in home or building automation and industrial environments.

This member of the product family comes with the following features:

  • 6 individually  configurable physical channels
    • digital input (software-switchable pull-up resistor),
    • digital output (Open Collector) or
    • analog input (0 – 10 V)
    • S0 input (needs auxilary power supply)
  • multiple configuration details for each physical channel
  • persistant storage of configuration
  • support for multiple standard network protocols
    (DNS, DHCP, Auto-IP, TCP/IP, HTTP, IGMP, ICMP, IPv4-Multicast, UPnP)
  • additional grid power output terminals with integrated powerline filter
  • simple mounting on standard DIN rails
  • encrypted communication via powerline (HomePlug AV)
  • Touch button for easy encryption setup and device factory defaults
  • integrated client for Internet portal connectivity (to ease device setup within the local network)
  • RESTful JSON-based API for 3rd-party software

The embedded web server allows for easy configuration of the device without having to read tons of documentation. The open collector outputs allow to fit your individual requirements: simply connect relays you need and switch your motors, lights etc.

With the embedded firmware, it’s possible to link two or more devices with each other and create virtual channels which can be switched. So it’s possible to transport e.g. a switch output to a consumer in another location without having to install dedicated wires throughout the building.

Technical Characteristics


Powerline Speed 10 Mbit/s (max)
Powerline Distance up to 300m
Configurable I/O Channels 6
Configurable Serial Channels 0
Open Collector Outputs 24 V (max), 500 mA (max)
Power Supply 85–265 V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 4.5 W (max), 1.3 W (typical)
Temperature (Operating) 0 °C – +40 °C
Temperature (Storage) -25 °C – +70 °C
Humidity 15 – 85%
Mounting DIN rail (EN 50022: 35 mm x 7,5 mm)
Size 4 HP (70 mm x 110 mm x 61 mm)
Weight 150g
Color gray
Order Code I2XPLR4-IO600


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