PLC Stamp 1200 Micro EVK

Evaluation Kit for PLC Stamp 1200 Micro

The PLC Stamp 1200 micro gives your application access to powerline communication based on the HomePlug® AV2™ Chip QCA7500. You can realize point-to-point and multi-point connections depending on your application. The data will be transmitted as Ethernet packets over the power line. This gives you the opportunity to use TCP/IP or whatever network protocols you wish to use.

The evaluation kit includes the PLC Stamp 1200 micro evaluation board as well as an Ethernet daughterboard – this is everything you need for evaluation of power line communication with the PLC Stamp 1200 micro. The evaluation board contains the required galvanic isolation from the power line as well as the power supply. The segmentation into the evaluation board and daughter board was done to allow you to test other modes of the QCA7500 as well as to design your own prototypes based on your favorite hardware on the R(G)MII signals. The included daugther board is used to configure and demonstrate the QCA7500 MAC mode and includes Buttons and LEDs for interaction with the user.


Powerline Controller Qualcomm QCA7500
Power Supply 230 V ~ 50 Hz; 110 V ~ 60 Hz
Connection to Mains IEC connector
Data Rate over Powerline 1200 Mbit/s max.
Reach 300 m max.
Power consumption 2.5 W (idle) / 3.5 W (max.)

Kit Content
  • 1x PLC Stamp 1200 micro
  • 1x PLC Stamp 1200 micro EVB
  • 1x PLC Stamp 1200 micro EVB Ethernet daughter board
  • 1x IEC mains cable
  • 2x Ethernet cable
  • 1x Gigabit Powerline Adapter