PLC Stamp micro 2

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HomePlug Green PHY® powerline module based on QCA7000

The PLC (PowerLine Communication) module PLC Stamp micro 2 gives your application access to powerline communication based on the HomePlug® Green PHY™ Chip QCA7000. You can realize point-to-point and multi-point connections depending on your application. The data will be transmitted as Ethernet packets over the power line. This gives you the opportunity to use TCP/IP or whatever network protocols you wish to use.

The galvanic isolation from the power line as well as the power supply is left to you so that you can design it right for your application.

The QCA7000 from Qualcomm Atheros guarantees the compatibility with many other commercial powerline devices.

  • Smallest broadband powerline module
  • System interface: SPI, UART (TTL level)
  • All QCA7000 GPIOs are available
  • On-board QCA7000 flash memory
  • SMD solderable

To see how the module can be used please have a look at the PLC Stamp Micro EVK. The datasheet contains a schematic for the insertion of the PLC signals on the Powerline.

Technical Characteristics


Powerline Controller Qualcomm QCA7000
 Microcontroller  –
 Power Supply  3.3 V
 Power Consumption  0.5 W
 Data Rate  10 Mbit/s max.
 Reach  300 m max.
 Temperature Range  -40 °C to +85 °C
 Size 22 mm x 22 mm x 7 mm




CAD Libraries

These libraries are provided without any warranty. You receive them free of charge and understand that you cannot charge I2SE or any of the original authors in case of any problems. There is no guarantee that the libraries are of any satisfactory quality or fitness for a particular purpose. The sole reference for you should be the datasheet.

Get a free PLC Stamp micro 2

We wish to give our costumers the best possible support. Therefore our goal is to provide CAD Footprints for as much CAD Systems as possible. To achieve this we need your help. Create libraries for your favorite PCB-CAD System if it is not already supported, send it to us and receive a free PLC Stamp micro (I2PLCAMC-ISC-002) including free shipping and our overwhelming appreciation.

Please note that you must give us all rights to redistribute your library files without any royalties in order to get the reward. This offer is only valid for the support of new CAD Systems or if you find a major issue in the existing ones.

To fully qualify for a free PLC Stamp micro you need to take the following steps:

  1. send an email to containing:
    • your library
    • a Gerber export of all layers containing relevant information (please provide a description which file contains which layer)
    • the statement: “You are allowed to use this library for unlimited free distribution. I do not claim any royalties at any time. I understand that I cannot revoke this permission.”
    • please note if we should state you as the author of the library next to the download link
  2. we review the library
  3. If there are any problems we will let you know. You will only get the reward if we accept your library.

This offer is subject to export regulations.

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