PLC Stamp micro 2 EVB

also available at CODICO GmbH

Evaluation Board for PLC Stamp micro

The kit is the ideal basis for evaluation and development of Homeplug Green PHY® based hardware and software. The hardware for this kit is built around the Qualcomm QCA7000 which is embedded on the included PLC Stamp micro. The Kit is useful for development of building automation components as well as electric vehicle charging electronics.


Powerline Controller Qualcomm QCA7000
Power Supply 5 V via USB
Connection to Mains On PLC Stamp micro Evaluation Kit
Data Rate over Powerline 10 Mbit/s max.
Reach 300 m max.
Transformer 1:4:5 and 1:1:1 Winding Ratio


The Linux SPI driver for the Green PHY chip QCA7000 is open source and integrated in the mainline kernel since Linux 3.18.

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