Broadband Powerline Modules

QCA7000 based ready-to-go modules to enable the broadband powerline communication for your devices


Broadband Powerline based Building Automation

XPL Rail 4M – IO600
XPL Rail 4M – 48500

DIN rail devices for building automation with integrated broadband powerline communication and several functions for forwarding of I/Os and serial interfaces

  • Serial interfaces: RS-485, RS-232 (on request)
  • Inputs: 0-10V analog, digital, S0 (meter reading)
  • Outputs: 0-10V analog, digital (open collector), relay

RESTful JSON based API for 3rd-party software

Smart Home Automation Server

Linux servers with several serial and RF interfaces in a very compact form factor to run customers applications

The default delivery option contains a software for bridging the RS-485 or EnOcean protocols to Ethernet.

  • EnOcean to Ethernet gateway
  • RS-485 to Ethernet gateway
  • RS-485 to Ethernet gateway with 24V power supply

Electric Vehicle Communication


Ideal hardware platform to run an ISO 15118 stack

  • HomePlug Green PHY® hardware (ISO 15118-3)
  • Powerline communication via CP and PE
  • Simulation of EV and EVSE behaviour

Powerline Communication Evaluation Tools

Homeplug Green PHY® based evaluation tools for broadband powerline applications to make the first steps to the Internet of Things